Saturday, October 14, 2017

Personal challenge update

Ok, I finished # 14 of 24.
This is Christmas Bauble- with a floral band 2013 by 
Jennifer Williams tatted on a glass ornament which 
is approx. 3 inches across, and it's size 20 Lizbeth 
Snow White thread.
 I tatted the center band as the pattern says, then the 
top and bottom sections around the band, but it 
wasn't enough to stay on the ornament itself so, 
I tatted chains to the bottom section of 3-6-3 joining 
as I went around to draw it in.
 Then I pulled a string 
through the top picots and pulled tightly and tied 
it off and added a dab of glue, let it dry and cut 
the tail threads. 
 I would need to get 10 more ornaments done before 
Christmas to meet the challenge, but with so many 
things happening and a friend in the hospital for a 
month so far(I have to take care of his home and bills), 
I have resolved to call this enough for now, 
and continue to try.
I filled in the empty spaces with tatted 
Christmas Ice Drops. 
Below is the picture I am sending to the 
store which I bought the ornament stand 
from which requested a photo of it filled.
Maybe people will learn about tatting, and 
maybe they will sell lots of stands.
The store is Bronner's Christmas Store, link
It's a gray rainy day today.  I hope you 
are having a wonderful day!!! :)
Happy Tatting!!!!  :)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Very slow tatting

The only tatting to show isn't completed.  As you 
can see it will be another glass covered ornament.
 Ok, now for the lengthy explanation of my lack of 
tatting.  For the past 2 weeks we have been dealing 
with a dear friend in the hospital almost dying.  As 
of yesterday the ventilator and most other machines 
were finally removed and he was able to talk a little 
and as of today he is being moved out of ICU!!  His 
brother and sister-in-law came from Maine to see him 
and thankfully got to talk with him before heading 
home today-we have all been working out the details 
of taking care of his home and such.
Next, last weekend on top of the prior mentioned, 
we had our granddaughter invasion again!!!
It was an extremely busy weekend trying to have 
a little fun in all the chaos.  Our younger granddaughter 
finally received her "heart of Tafiti" necklace from 
the Disney movie Moana, and you can see she loves 
it!!!  :)
 Next, the girls had me make them some earrings in 
between making lots of food for a wedding that 
happened on Sunday after our morning lesson.
The younger granddaughter picked the tiny jingle bells 
and wanted 3 linked together.
 The older wanted a single tiny jingle bell pair.
 The younger chose my size 80 Yarnplayer's Small 
Maple Leaf earrings.
 The older chose small candy cane earrings(these 
are made from the miniature Christmas tree 
decorations).  ;)
 Then the large sequins were spotted and specific 
colors were chosen by each.  This pair by the younger.
And a different set of colors by the older(some how 
I missed taking a picture-too much going on!!!).
They are lightweight and fun!!  
The girls each wore all 3 pairs through out 
 Next activity was to have them decorate the house 
for autumn(cheap and easy).  Our daughter bought 
dollar store packages(2) of autumn colored leaves, 
and we bought 3M brand poster tape which usually 
comes off easy without ruining the walls. 
 Place a little tape on the back and send the child 
off to place wherever(few restrictions of course!).
 So, now the autumn leaves are blowing through the 
house another year.  :)

So, I survived all our normal activities, a friend in 
the hospital in critical care, Sunday morning,
a wedding, and Sunday night.  As of now, I am sick 
with a cold and feeling miserable.  So....everything is 
taking far longer than I want it too, but I have no 
energy left!!  Got to get prepared for another trip to 
the hospital on Saturday, and our normal Sunday 
morning and evening groups!  
Keeping on tatting, and if you would, say a prayer 
for me!  Thank you everyone!!! :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ummmm....I have been tatting....and messing up!!!

Since I keep messing up, I will tell you that I have 
added a few motifs to the tablecloth(and cut a couple 
off after finishing them and noticing the mistakes!).
Today I was looking for cheap wedding decorations 
for a couple getting married after our Sunday morning 
lesson(they are really poor and I thought I would 
try to make their wedding a little brighter), and I 
found these Ice Drop gems in the "wedding" section 
at Walmart. So....I splurged!!!  
 I just had to share this beautiful flower with you!!
I saw it enjoying one of our 92 degree days 
yesterday.  It brightened my day and I hope it 
will yours too!! :)
Have a wonderful day and hopefully some 
tatting too!!!! :)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Some weekend tatting

Another personal challenge ornament # 13.
Altered this pattern again: 
Look in her patterns link.
Top view.
 Side view.
 Bottom view.
 And Ice Drop earrings in Lizbeth size 40 Elderberry 
Jam with plastic purple beads.
It was an awesome and very busy weekend, but at 
least I got some tatting time.
Have a wonderful tatting filled day!!! :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Autumn earrings

Lizbeth size 80 Falling Leaves
Ice Drops & Yarnplayer's Small Maple Leaves.
Happy Autumn Tatting!!! :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Personal Challenge #12 out of 24 done!!!!

Same pattern as last, but on a red ornament this time.
Top view.
 Side view.
 Bottom view.
 12 on the stand!!! 12 left to go.
Somehow I lost the picture of just the small 
ornaments, but I think the picture above shows 
them well enough on the top section.
 The group of medium sized ornaments.
 The group of large ornaments.
 The three sizes, large, medium, and small(tatting a 
little loose makes it look larger).
More to get done, but also lots of other things too.
Have a wonderful day and hope you get your 
tatting in!!!!!!  :)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Personal Challenge # 11

This fits one of my medium sized ornaments- approx. 
2 or 2 1/2 inches across.
The pattern is here:     
which is only part of the actual pattern which is here:  
Side view # 1
 Bottom view.
Tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Snow White.  The plan 
was to tat the whole pattern, but the top center 
would not go over the hanger piece on the large 
ornament and with a tiny stretch on the joining 
picots it fit around the medium ornament top. 
Top view(same as bottom).
So....I had to improvise and ended up tatting the 
same top and bottom sections, but I left of the 
thrown rings and joined to them instead.  The 
other problem was that the pattern shows a thrown 
ring with the counts and only 6 picots, but I later 
noticed that there are supposed to be 7 picots 
which would have made joining easier.
Instead, I tatted 11 ds on the chain, joined to 
one of the 2 middle picots, then 2 ds and joined 
to the next middle picot, then 11 ds again.
Next time, there will be 7 picots and the chain 
will be 12 join 12.  :)
 Side view # 2.
So....I am 1 ornament away from 1/2 way through 
this personal challenge.  The  store which I bought 
the stand from would like a picture of the stand 
full of the tatted ornaments-before Christmas, 
so....that is my goal!!! :)
Happy tatting everyone!!! :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Personal challenge #10 done!

This is the same as the red ornament last time. 
Top view.
 Side view.
 Bottom view.
Needing to get some crosses done for men, so...
off to tatting work I go!! :)
Have a tat-filled day!!! :)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Next ornament in progress.

I love the look just like this(ok, with the ends 
sewn in) !! :)  This one is obviously in Snow 
White Lizbeth going to go on a red glass 
ornament.  This still needs the outer round, but
I stopped to see if this would fit one of the 
smaller ornaments-I think it will!  :)   So, that 
will be one of my next tries.  ;)
Oh...guess I should say this is the same as the 
one 2 posts ago from yesterday-the red one.
Have a wonderful day with lots of tatting!! :)

Monday, September 4, 2017

First the ornament earlier(last post), now angels!

I tatted 2 of Elaine P. Gan's angels 
today.  They are tatted in size 3 thread 
with an iridescent thread in it.
Displayed on the beautiful scarf our 
daughter knitted for me!!!  Can't wait 
for cooler weather to wear it!!! :)
Have an awesome day, and hopefully 
get some tatting in!! :)

Tatting on glass ornament for my personal challenge

I started on Saturday tatting a snowflake pattern 
which has captured my attention.  It's from this 
This is a view from the side.
 A view from the top. I left the center of the snowflake 
out to fit over the top.
 A view from the bottom-the full snowflake.
I loved tatting the whole design!  It lays beautifully, 
and for some reason I think it's really beautiful!! :)
It is tatted in 4 rows.
Working on angels(one done & one in progress).
Have a fabulous day!!! :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More from yesterday and Monday...

Yesterday I was on a roll!!!  I got lots of housework 
done, Bible study in for the two ministries, and 
as you know from yesterday's 3 posts I completed 
3 tatting projects.  What you didn't know until now, 
is that I also tatted these Ice Drop earrings yesterday 
afternoon in size 40 Lizbeth Niagara Falls......
 And....Tablecloth update: Monday I added 4 more 
motifs(here it is on our couch)....
 and, last night I added 1 more motif-the section 
showing the full open circles.
A billion and one things going at the same time, but 
I am happy to be getting tatting done too!! :)
Have a wonderful day and don't forget to tat!!! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Post #3 today

It helps to have projects that just need finishing to 
help you post more in 1 day.  ;)
This is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Butterfly Breeze 
with plastic kids beads and tiny glass beads. 
The first one I made had a heart in the center 
holding the bingo chip between 2 hearts, 
the second was butterflies, and now crosses.
I love these!!! :)
The first drew out the color yellow, the second, 
blue, and now the pinks/purples.  :)
These are my own designs.
I am currently back to working on Ice Drop earrings 
since I noticed that all the ones I had were snatched 
up by some tatting friends.  Hope they all like them!!
Have a wonderful tat-filled night!!! :)

Post #2 today

I tatted this tiny dangle quite a long time ago, 
but today I found it and finish the ends and 
added the hanger.
Have a wonderful and hopefully 
tatting filled day!!! :)